Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Dream Like No Other

I had a dream just the other night.

In it we the family ( can't remember biological family or close friends) were held captive by some bad guys and we're all sitting down and just chilling as we wait for time to go by. The typical image of kidnapping being so violent and panicky all that, it's just from the dramas, at lease that's what my dream says.

And so as about 5 of us sit waiting for nothing with about the same amount of kidnappers, I and they realized I've been exercising a lot lately and starting to feel physically at my best again. So they thought why not, in the meantime, play a game.

I thought too, why not. I like the idea of having games as time fillers, rather than just sit there and stone, eh.

So somehow they told me I've got a 10 minutes head start to run wherever I want ( in a world absent of any other human it seems) before they come get me. I ran up and over bridges, climbed poles and walls, over ledges and hopped from rooftop to rooftop, balconies to balconies.

Doing things I am confident I can do in real life but don't do because of the risk and consequences involved. I'm quite lightweight after all and it doesn't take much to break .. body parts.

Finally after about 1o minutes I realised this is the part where the real game starts.

Well, my logic tells me that for all the advantage in head starts, it means for nothing if the pursuer is faster than us - it only prolongs the inevitable.

By then I was inside a huge supermarket and since running according to the shelves sounds silly to me with such new found freedom, I just went up and over them, knocking them down in the process with great speed and swiftness. But even after all the mess I've made I knew it will mean for nothing because it only looks messy.

Sure enough the bad guys brought in their own catchers.

They are 5 human minds in gorilla bodies. Read that again if you will : Human Minds + Gorilla Bodies. Gorilla are said to be quite like human with bigger everything physically except the mind, and by mixing it both they've created the ultimate hunters. Everything a perfect soldier could ask for, plus a bonus 10% to their physical abilities. Who would have thought of that!

And sure enough they found me and brought me back in almost no time. Well again, no violence is involved, it's became a mutual understanding ".. that if you don't intend to run then we don't need to teach you and intimidate you not to. " (by violence that is). That's what it really is. We walked back in such peaceful and trustful manner that it's hard to believe it's actually all a kidnapping going right.

And amazingly of the 5 human-minds-in-gorilla-body hunters, only one of them, the leader, are from the kidnappers side. The other 4 are actually my family members back home mind working these gorillas remotely, like what's that movie called again? Surrogates. Human minds in remotely controlled hosts. They thought they'd joined in too because it's not fun missing out on the fun since we're all quite free, you know. They thought it's funnY sia. Hah.

So as I was walking back I noticed one of the unmasked gorillas who by then is in human form again, was actually a girl I've been seeing a lot lately from school.

And we fell in love on the way back.

p/s: I was going to bed when I realised I just had to write this down even it meant little because stories like this are hard to come by.

And the exercising a lot lately part and the see the girl from school a lot part are both real.

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