Thursday, September 23, 2010

Doing Nothing isn't as bad as we've made to believe

In the past few weeks I've refined my understand of boredom.

As of now, boring is a state when we find ourselves with sudden, excess free time to do something but we don't know what to do.

Most of the time we end up doing things we all do as time fillers, things that requires less objective and more " just do " feel.

I used to think that the list of things to do when I have spare times is almost unlimited and I will never run into "boring" if I remember and stick to this list. I've realise that's wrong now.

First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with being free and unoccupied, unlike made believe by our culture that doing nothing is considered time wasting. Truth is, in my opinion, there are things more guilty than that in terms of time wasting.

Like doing the wrong thing only to turn back to square 1 later. And like doing things inefficiently when we know we are capable of doing it more efficiently than that, yet not bothered to do so. That is time wasting. If we are able to eliminate those two abovementioned, even doing nothing and staring at blank space seems less time wasting than normal.

Conclusion is, unlike what I've grown up believing from my family's culture, doing nothing isn't as bad as I've grown up beleiving, provided we worked and fully merited that ourselves in time saving.

And also, time fillers are the thing of the past. I do time fillers only when I have a solid reason to, not anymore because I've nothing else to do.

(Or, groom passions for time fillers is another way of justifying it)

I'm still working on that last part; still not perfect but trying to get there.

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