Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 Ways to Get Noticed

Got this from my dad sometime ago.

I'm not gonna highlight why there the need to be noticed but rather just add a few words with reference to myself to personalize it on the blog.

10 Ways To Be Noticed ( From The Star newspaper):
1. Passion
Is when the whole class tell you they are only here studying this sucky Diploma in Civil Engineering course because they didn't get their top 6-8 preferred course of study and "had to do what's needs" to continue this culture of advancing studies, I tell my story which starts " Well, I've loved digging holes and building structures and building ever since I was young, even though I didn't know what's it called then". They think I'm crazy, but it's noticed nonetheless.

2 Hard work
My sister studies very hard during her secondary school days and was a top scorer all the way, and she got noticed for it. Hard work pays, too, if you have faith to believe onto something.

3 Practise
Practice to noticed is something my other sidekick demonstrated, albeit possibly not noticing it. My brother have a drive in him that keeps on bringing him back to the basketball court almost everyday during his secondary school days, and practice it did which brought him into the school's basketball team. If there's a shorter cut than that I would have been there myself too, perhaps. haha.

in another life.

p/s: I don't have the passion for basketball. what were you thinking?

4 Focus
Exist in almost everything of me. Like I've made believe, every ability may be learned but may not need to be used- focus is one of them. I've grown up struggling in class and the everyday things in life because I find it hard to focus on the way things should be done, instead more focus on the way I do it my way. Amazingly, that itself too is focus albeit in a misunderstood way.

I've grown up rectifying inability to focus and diverting it to the right target, continuing pursuing education to today is testament of focus, of focusing for the future in spite of the state of the present and difficulties of the past.

5 Keep pushing
I suppose this refers to persevering forward.

Well the only thing I can think best to relate it to is in waking up everyday, every week, every month, every year and keep functioning and giving my best for the believe that one day gone is one day closer to the goal at the end. In believing that I owe my future to nobody other than myself of now now now now. In believing there's a mysterious bounty at the end of this pursue.

Call it blind faith, maybe that's what it is, but it works.

6 Build a service culture
Just not me. I don't like the meaning to the word service and the word culture, never mind the combined meaning.

7 Persist
Is like chasing a girl everyday for 6 months for nothing. She said I've something different from the rest of the guys, that I'm persistent. In a way I finally got noticed too, no?

On the sidenote, persistence is the combination of faith and focus, is it?

8 Let the ideas flow
This blog is my platform for letting the ideas flow. If anything this is a way of getting noticed too.
Being able to get noticed, like everything in life, is merely an ability and in that it gives us another option under our sleeves. Doesn't mean in can is must.

9 Accept feedback
This is the one space I've room for improvement. I haven't worked out how's the das-connection in accepting feedback to being noticed, not at lease at fundamental level of how it works.

On superficial level, accepting feedback is a way to get conversation with a stranger going and hence, solidify our existence to another person. Getting noticed that is. Not quite it but yeah.

10 Connect with people
This is the simplest of all way to get noticed I suppose. As number games goes, the more people we reach out and exist to, the more kinds of people we will meet and in a similar way, the higher the chance of finding people who see something interesting/different/unique/noticeable in us.

One day sometime soon when I have the space I will analyze the whole list thoroughly and bring everything to a whole new level.

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