Wednesday, August 18, 2010

With Great Authority Comes Great Responsibility

I thought of something interesting today.

If a human needs of cars, houses and money is like a cat's needs of fish, partner and attention then what different are we from animals?

We all know the reason humans are uniquely different from animals is because we have this thing called the mind and the ability to think. If we think of only our needs in this routine lifestyle then we are seriously no different from cats and other animals, with just our standard of our needs from a higher level.

In our hunt for more of everything everyone wants we are the same as animals. We all have a mind of our own and most people use it to think of ways to have problems and ways to solve the problem. Then, new problems and new solution. Like how to earn money and more money, like how to look cool and look cooler. Like how to be pretty and prettier, smarter and so.

Just a lame cycle.

If that applies to me then I would be no different from a cat wanting fish,fish, fish, house, house house, friend friend friend. Fish, house, friend, fish house friend fish house friend. It's a cycle, a never ending cycle. In our rush for " the next- " we blind ourselves from this fundamental fact. That we are humans and have a mind to think and use, in a way it could be used - not just to solve our problems.

We should be going and and creating new problems and new troubles to venture into the unknown without knowing what lies at the end. That is what our minds are capable of. That is what differentiates us from animals with a passive mind. Humans have active minds. Humans like me who's mind cannot just shut up and let me sleep in peace and always creates a void in me in myself to analyze, understand and solve. Like this, here, now, today.

I was sick of doing the same thing I do everyday and be disappointed by not living up to my own standards. I decided I would make a list of things I would stop doing, things that I do routinely as free time fillers like playing facebook pool, playing window's freecell, playing facebook, playing cs, reading my story book. I am better than this and by doing all abovemention it a sad waste of talent and life.

A short evaluating thought later and I made out that humans all live by a pattern. We all have 24 hours each, we spend it in doing things listed in either of this categories: 1. necessary human needs ( ie sleep, eat, rest, shit and a little entertainment to replenish our energy) then, 2. Main objective ( ie work or study or do assignment or business or family care) then, 3. Secondary objectives ( meet up with friends, check updates, clear something from the To Do List) and the rest falls into 4. Others( Time fillers)

My cycle goes like this: Basic human needs(50% of time), Main Objective (30%), rest (20%). Note that I've excluded secondary objectives by merging it with others. Unnecessary stuff can do without. The other interesting fact is that basic human needs is 50% because I've included in it the need for entertainment and socializing as necessary to replenish my energy for the primary objectives, which is really individualistic and debatable.

A human with a mind, I asked myself today if I could in some untried way, toy and play around with that formula in hopes of creating something new to fuel my growing hunger for challenges of life.

I could, if I tried hard enough. I would have time if I set my mind onto it and make time for it. But ultimately, is it necessary?

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