Sunday, August 15, 2010

We all owe ourself a explainations for who we are at the end of the day

I'm gonna free up my Sunday every week to do nothing and take time to reflect on life.

Time is a straight line but in our world for sanity's sake it's made into cycles
. Short but endless cycles. I think the most dangerous acceptance of life is by taking time for granted, that there is a next year and next 20 years waiting for us. I think we can only count time when it's the past, use it for planning for the future but not take it as the future.

For my generation we are surrounded by all sorts of influence and it is threatening to lead our life for us and I don't want to be one of that

Hanging out with soccer minded friends makes one more a soccer person, with clubbers a clubbing person, with church mates a church person, studious people makes studious person, with mandarin speakers we speak and think mandarin
. Bottom line is despite what we tell ourselves what are we, we are actually what our environment is. What we let our environment be is what make us, us. To mix everything is ideal but at the core of it, we will still have to have our own identity.

I expect to walk my own path, I'll need some time free from influence. No parents, no friends, no trend, no media, no worries, no concern, just an empty mind.

I won't want to wake up one day and wonder where have the missing years gone
in trying to reach here.

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