Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Value of Time depends on the Perception of the Mind

I haven't entered any new entry for quite a while now but I was still flooded with the occasional thoughts nonetheless of the past week or two.

If it wasn't for this one particular issue the above wouldn't have been written too, along with the rest.

In the midst of such a busy schedule I've found time and space to question myself about the relevance of the thing I do.

Socializing and entertaining friends, they are good but spending too much time on it is unnecessary when the negative outweights the positive. That's true unless I've got nothing else to do, or have a mindset which thinks like that.

That is not me.

Sleeping is something I enjoy but like every nice thing in the world, they are only nicer in the mind that in reality. Nicer when short in supply. When I can sleep peacefully I will sleep peacefully.

That is not true.

Correction- When I have time to sleep peacefully I more often don't because I believe that time could and should be spend on something else, something deep down inside we owe ourselves doing certain things we are owing ourselves. Maybe like learning a new language, embracing a new concept, analyzing a certain self behavior or simply reflect on our past and present to plan for the future.

Even reading story books, I love doing it but before it becomes a habit I intend to break this consistency.

To many reading books already is a good habit worth cultivating but to me even that is not enough. Sometimes it feels reading books here, now, is a waste of time when I can use my active mind to construct something bigger than just a story written by someone sometime ago.

As I've always stand up for, I believe living in this modern world gifted with technologies and media all around is a curse to humanity if not controlled properly. When we live our life fulfilling things we deem necessary ie check FB, check news online, check blogs which are actually just marginally necessary in respect to the big picture then it's true but we are engulfed by it already. The negative outside influence which steal our time. Everyone should know that, know better than just sit infront of the computer and "think later" or TV and "let it think for us".

Stripping myself of all these time eaters I've down to almost nothing now. I'll just stand at the corridor of my hostel and stare out at the dark blue night sky and think. Even so, I do not let my mind wonder aimlessly to nowhere ( thats called dreaming/fantasying) making sure it always go forward.

This is one thing I feel I owe myself, of decoding the meaning of this life. A small step ahead a time is still better than many steps in a cycle of yesterday.

Some people just won't understand why do I appear so inconsistent lately, I play cards one moment, the next I seem afraid of playing cards. They think I'm crazy and no life for opting to do nothing than do time fillers, but it's okay. Not many people see things the way I see anyway.

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