Friday, August 6, 2010

The Reverse of A Key Unlocking a Lock on a Door.

What is the study of predicting human social behavior in relation with future plans and time called? Recent observation sprouting new ideas brings me back to that question over and over again.

Was browsing through Facebook and searched the name of my institute against it's database and I came to conclude that despite over our 5k student population here, our online identity is almost non existing. There are the odd groups here and there of present and past but nothing whole.

In such modern era where physical presence and hand phone number no longer is enough to convince the truth of a genuine existence, everyone should and have an online identity by now. Even my father have one, even Ivan's mother have another. Even my ex's friend's dog have one!

It is really just a matter of time before this future prospect becomes a way of life, and though I don't follow some flow, I lead some other flows.

From the recent student council election held we all know how much reach paper, printer, picture and words combined posted on strategic eye height view has. The only reason the whole school is littered(oh, it's litter and littering too) with these obituaries-like posters is because beside being a tried-and-tested method, it is actually the only one thing, one way, everyone who comes to classes every week have in common, putting aside the official way of course. But I'm more than convinced anyone with half a brain at here here would have heard and almost surely have an FB account. An online double. Many online doubles. Living in the same online world as neighbours that does not know each other.

What the heck. Someone's gotta rewrite the codes of the past that we no longer need to meet in person first to be connected again online. That is outdated. The inverse is now and coming.

The only thing missing is an online platform of a regularly frequent site(Facebook!) that connects everyone in a direct manner. As a whole, without the segmentation's and categorizations. If the future comes knocking on our dream telling us it will come knocking on our doors tomorrow, when do we choose to embrace it?

It is in a way, a key locking a door, walls and ideas of the future together.


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