Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Of Redefining To Something I Believe In

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

In this case, it's less with gaining anything but about the willingness to actually venture into something new which thrills me.

After waiting for 5 long weeks and watching in anticipation as my friends get theirs, I've finally got a proper assignment to spend my effort into doing. The subject is Hydraulics and Hydrology and the assignment is to do a case study on a dam. I'm so excited about it, if anything this is as close it gets to showing the love for the course. An assignment with a excellent lecturer who expects the minimum from his students and an unspecified boundary which allows imagination like mine to show itself.

It is a case study, which basically means studying a case. Usually this refers to something/some event that have happened and we study it to learn again what it has taught us mankind before.

For this assignment I intend to push it to the upper limits and show what a person with the correct mix of time, effort, opportunity, experience and enthusiasm can produce. It is not a matter of getting the perfect grade or impressing the viewers, it never is. The way I see it, it is always a stage for us to show ourselves what we are really worth.

Growing up I've always been a anti believer of academic grades being the sole representation of a person's ability to a neutral, but to survive I've accepted studying as a way of gaining respect from others, while never once changing my stand that true learning goes way beyond that. It is a combination of character, opportunity, luck and desire.

I've prepared myself experience wise, I've never doubted my passion, and yesterday I've finally got my opportunity. Here goes.

The case study, it's for them. I'm gonna try something one step different from the lot by doing a case study on an ongoing event. On a ongoing construction of a dam. This redefines the term case study already but I do believe if I were in his shoes I would want all my students to surprise me and impress me by showing me their own definition of how should be done instead of just following how things are being done. Creativity and ingenuity are one of the colours which paints a character of an engineer.

In Singapore I've tried that but the way of the culture opt repetitive tried and tested method over new ideas and surely, I look stupid at times.

In contrast Malaysia have always been the inverse of what Singapore is the opposite of what Malaysia is like so this is the chance once again.

We can fault purpose but we don't fault effort. In this case the effort to try and be different.

A elaborated principle shown in a simple assignment about the definition of a Case Study. I consider asking people does case study covers ongoing event but I expect most to change my mind and pull me back to normality. No, no.

Cheers all.

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