Wednesday, August 18, 2010

of Monetary Matters

A guy friend told me that that girl is not to be messed with because she have lots of money since her family owns a petrol station. Okay. Girl, lots of money, family petrol station.

This matter is getting really old for me already, the matter of monetary and background wealth. The way I see it( genuinely bias-free from my own background) a person brought into existence with a background wealth is fortunate but very clearly not along the same line as superior.

Background wealth can buy a person things and toys, opportunities and exposure, can buy out a person from trouble and problems and in my case, education. But at the back of every parents mind they all know it does not buy them a definite and guaranteed good future.

Money can buy car but source of money can't be sure child in car will survive an accident. Money can buy things to get a girlfriend but source of money can't be sure child finds genuine love with that. Money can buy friends but not always friend's help. Money can buy education and exposure to foreign countries and cultures but not character.

Point is background wealth is a plus, a small plus but the big plus comes from the person itself when he/she uses his/her own talent/availabilities/abilities to make his/her own money. That is the real deal.

As for the child, whatever we have is a plus but whatever we don't have(inherited) is not a minus. Just be thankful.

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