Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In Less Is More

For a person like me who have a demon in the form of complacency, I've always been not good enough in my own eyes. Add a unorthodox mind to it and at time I'm an enigma to myself.

In an effort to venture into new grounds I've tried breaking the routine today by skipping my evening nap and instead join my friends for their evening class. It was fun and productive but also tiring.

While in the midst of being heavy eyed, brain slowed and tired, when I expected to be half myself because I'm at half full, I came to realise and remember what I once known and forgot.

That in situations of inadequacy and temporarily substandard, the character takes over to make up for it and things seem to have greater meaning. Just like how a person who have one hand looks highly upon his own abilities to undertake a task a person with two hands takes twice as much to accomplish. Like how one hand's potential of a one hand person is greater than two hands of two; it's a state of the mind which governs it.

In having less we give more with what we have, and maybe this is the root idea of solving the problem of complacency. To know for sure, only time will tell.

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