Friday, July 9, 2010

To Give Forgiveness A Chance

I think as human beings we all deserve to give forgiveness a chance. Give ourselves a chance to forgive.

I was telling my brother that day a ugly reality, that people makes mistakes and we choose to forgive them. But they never appreciate/learn/understand and keep doing it over and over infinitely. It's like part of them to already be this way, to keep on making the same painful action and we, we tell ourselves to keep on forgiving them.

The ugly truth is that over time this hurt and forgive cycle will make us something far more worse, of multiple times our trust be betrayed/shamed/let down. Eventually we'll become something that don't truly forgive already. That's the danger we all know too well.

Which is why again, when time heals we should give forgiveness a chance. But still, not to that kind of case as above.

Easier said than done, how hard can it be right?

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