Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sorry for the crude awakening but what is eventual is eventual

Remember the time when I told you you are the one, in my eyes you are nothing but perfect and we should be together? That wasn't a lie.

I wish it was the truth too.

Now with time I've got something minor to add. She's perfect, bar one small thing. She's her venom, she's my poison. I'm dying, crumbling, disintegrate, collapsing, imploding, backwards when I'm around you.

The effort of trying to control the emotions and think straight have cost me too much trouble and time. The best is we disconnect.

I'll leave things as memories of the past and that way it will live forever. Fact is going to Singapore and meeting you were all against great odds and perhaps should have never been given a chance to exist all along.

Go and find a boyfriend, have a great life and get married, I need to move on.

My uneasy stomach from yesterday night I'd told you about, it's still here. You took away the air in it.

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