Friday, July 16, 2010

One Hard Suddenly Thing Makes Everything Else Easy?

Someone should tell me how to overcome a mental blockage.

I've this one really sibeh troublesome teacher who's teaching me this one module which I think I naturally find hard to cope because of it's learning nature.

Believe me, troublesome is accurate representation of what it really is. Troublesome.

I have this assignment to which I'm finding it hard to do and the reason so as I've realised today is quite a twisted logic. The subject isn't difficult, the learning associated to it is. The teacher who's only 3 weeks and 4 lessons according to the study plan have done quite enough to merit a special highlight from me.

To the teacher I'm maybe doesn't exist but to me the teacher is one of those tricky person who needs double eyes over. We are all students studying for our degree but according to me, all this is necessary as it is actually still part of learning.

Learning to handle difficult situation. More accurately, learning to handle normal situation made difficult by difficult people.

And as they say, keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer.

So troublesome it is.

In trying to see clearly through the situation I've identified the fact. The fact that it is all just in the mind; a mental blockage. An invisible barrier between me and success in the form of the teacher. Whatever happens, come end of the day I will still need to overcome this problem.

I don't know how yet and I'm still working on it.

All of the above also had me thinking of some other typical das-connection moments.

In being able to tackle this problem faced I've actually succeeded in the test of learning. I'm one of those few who believe (now you know) that going to school is all about learning how to learn. Success in that usually means good results and lack of success in that usually means "You're not really a good student". In general people tend to think this refers to "study not enough" or "never study". True, but not really true.

That is really relative. It depends on the person efficiency at absorbing knowledge or at a more serious level, grinding out the grades. Growing up I've always been told I'm lazy, lousy, not hardworking enough, study not long enough, study not enough but that is all bullshit. It is most likely so because I have an elder sister whos study method goes by this formula

R = Te

R is Result, T is Time and e is efficiency.

where the big T more than makes up for the small e.

I on the other hand, being myself who's not a studious person back then by nature had inevitably morphed under the pressure to a person who is

R = tE

the result, R is still lesser than hers but I dare say now, that I always knew, one day it will come back to haunt her. Where when time is limited, the Result is affected. I stand by this believe on it being one of the reasons why she didn't live up her high expectations in uni.

So back to the main point.

In life we go great length to improve on this noble e. Time is has and always will be a constant hence the only, this.

A friend one told me going to uni is different from working because by going to uni regardless on our actual results we are there to learn. Learn, mature and better our thinking. Very true even till this day. This is the reason why if we go back to primary school we can beat the education system hands down- we have passed that stage of learning.

What a 10 year old takes 1 year to learn some can achieve it in 1 month or 1 week.

That is the truth, not because relearning something we already learned is easier because we have extra knowledge advantage, not only that, but because we know how to learn more in less time. Efficiency. Just ask a masters or PhD holder to take a diploma totally new to him. Odds are.. well, you know. It's not odds anymore, eh?

To be able to sit down for hours, to be able to put desire of entertainment aside for a greater cause, to be able to write good notes in lectures. It's not God-given talent, it's the result of long hours of less efficient effort.

To identify the importance of efficiency as soon as possible, work on it and succeed in achieving it is more like God-given talent.

The talent to think.

Overthinking is hazardous, not thinking outside our everyday routine is no different from an ant. When the ant gets instruction to go and bring back a food, they think on how to do that. Even ants think. We are not ants, we are human, we are more than that.

But for now, I've got another half a day to break the mental blockage and finish the assignment.

It's always more than it seems. One hard thing is all we need to up our standards that's all.

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