Monday, July 5, 2010

A Love Story

By the time you're done reading this you'll be touched in a some way.

If not,well, then there's something wrong with you as a human.

I've been waiting for this answer since a very long time.

I had a dream this afternoon. Before I dozed off, I was trying very hard to sort out the KLIUC shit timetable. They've readjusted most timing and a few core modules have extra hours which means, big time clash of timeslot. I couldn't afford to delay most, I could try to bend their rules to make my things fit and ultimately it's all about advance planning my whole course timetable for 4 semesters. Being deprived of sleep too, it basically mean it's gonna be one thing: headache.

I gave up halfway when my brain is clearly clogged and my eyes half open, lied down on my bed and dozed off.

I had a rare dream. They say we only dream when we have extra unspent energy from the day. Maybe true. I had a theory once during a dreaming spree, that we dream when we are real deep sleep, from an exhausting day. Maybe true too. My latest theory now is that dreaming pulls the rare minor details the mind seen lately.

Like how that new guy asked me my height and I said 183( I was thinking 183+++ but not 184) yesterday.

Like how despite Singapore being so densely populated, it doesn't mean with more people there's higher chance to find the right one. No, no.

Like how I'm inferior to the environment around me, a handicap I'm in in choosing to return to Malaysia to study despite the reality that I have forgotten how to mix with my fellow Malaysians already.

My Dream:

In my dream I was at a faraway but strangely familiar land, like all dream goes. Wheat fields and modest people away from all these technology madness. A nice house and the normal rules of respecting the senior and superiors. A small population of people who like the dream, didn't have a purpose to exist yet still did, many of which are middle aged aunties.

I am different from everyone from the dream in a way I knew I felt but couldn't explain. It was like, I could be my true self and the world would still revolve around me. I carried myself doing the normal things normal people do, and at one point felt what normal people feel when they are in their normal everyday situation: tensed and nervous from a something wrong I hoped wouldn't happen.

I was walking along the corner of an empty hall and as I turned out through a side door against the background of limitless yellow waiving wheat fields stood a tall girl in white dress in front of me. I couldn't remember how she looked like but I knew the was someone very special to me in a unexplainable way.

She is 184cm tall. It is the first time I've found a person I like who's my height, and I didn't need to look down to, literally. She had a pretty, sincere, innocent yet mature face and I knew this is the kind of person everyone waits a lifetime for.

I went up to her and eye to eye, despite the short time we've seen each other, we both knew a feeling of pulling and belonging, and we both knew it's mutual. After a short pause I asked her "Could I hug you" and we hugged. Under her decorated white dress I could feel her body's size and weight, and even that detail I knew was the one I seek in my perfect one.

If anybody she is it. She just is it.

My face facing her back and hers at mine, she whispered in a soft sweetest voice this:

"I've been waiting for you, long.."

Initially I thought she had a mistaken identity because I'm quite sure I've never seen her before, and tagged along while considering myself lucky me.

"After all why would a living angel like her want someone inferior like me?"

But then gradually when emotions mixed and time doesn't exist when we're hugging, I realised that maybe this is one of those complex things in life which is a lot more than what it seems. Maybe we are meant to be together and the universal power had brought us to meet together, here. We'd just met barely a minute ago, I don't know where she come from and maybe she's a spirit too, but this feels just too right to not be true. Whatever the past, I would leave it behind to be together with her.

My hands wrapped around her slim but not skinny body I felt a feeling of warm sense of belonging. A sense of belonging one relate to his country as patriotism, but mine's to a person- her. It's love. Love is blind, I don't know what it is but I know this is it.

Like everything in life have been accomplished, like every flaw have been erased. Like having wings and flying to a new dimension before this never knew existed- the sky. Open doors to endless possibilities and we can conquer all of them one by one with our new found strength in each other.


I then woke up.

When I wanted Fiona I believed that she is perfect, when I finally let go of her I want to believe that there is someone more perfect than her, but I just didn't know where, what, who. It never existed.

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