Sunday, July 18, 2010

Learn from Others.

Just for fun. A little thoughts on some little things.

l!nk from The Road Ahead

"My ten pet peeves"

1. People who tease or abuse animals
I've a soft spot for dogs and a softer spot for cats. People who bullies/condescend them in any ill intentioned manner always disgust me and more. Why can't we just live in a world of mutual peace?

2. Dirty toilets
My hostel is filled with dirty toilet. Everyday it gets cleaned and the settings of the dirty toilet reset, but it just still is dirty in some unexplainable way. Maybe it's all in the mind.

3. People who don’t reply emails/texts/ calls
In a time of unfamiliarity with my telco provider of my handphone number sometimes I wonder if the sms did get through, and/or with delay.

4. Messy wardrobes (mine)
It takes effort, determination, focus and reason to tidy a room, but it seems it's almost natural for a room to untidy itself. At the end of the day it all is just an indication of our real true self.

5. People who don’t keep their word
Do not deserve our word either and my serious attention. You should know better than me all about not keeping your word, eh? I don't feel guilt ridden, I'm merely responding to a way you expect to see. Does makes me a bad person but doesn't makes me not a good person either. You chose it in not keeping your word.

6. Weak coffee
Some day in the future when technology catches up I'll be drinking pure caffeine to keep me on top minus the teeth browning breath affecting coffee. Never liked it but it works.

7. People who cough/sneeze in your face
Deserve a slap that needs no verbal justification of any sort

8. Habitual late-comers
Late once okay, late twice okaaay, late trice hard to believe. Less likely it's a string of unfortunate events, more likely to be in your dna.

9. Braggarts

10. Wet shoes
Is fun. Enjoy the moment while your still in. Drying the shoes is harder haha

Another 9999 more and I'll be the perfect person in society's eye.

Gottatata go out now bye.

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