Monday, July 19, 2010

A Frog's Eye

Here's another random one. I made this up myself on my way to the washroom just now.

I've been say alot of "Hi" and "How are you" to my fellow neighbours and their associates, and despite it being very warm and friendly I actually hardly remember in particular any of them. Most don't remember me just like me myself, but there's a few who actually does.

So when we meet again they will give a quick friendly glance/wink/facial Hey and I'll be yeah. Hey back.

All of which kinda feels quite routine now already.

Out of the blues I had a weird thought about it, one step further.

I thought of something hilarious in this-

" I say Hi to people but in truth I have a frog's memory. "

(wonders what is a frog's momory?)

" Frog don't have memories. "

Found it funny at first and dismissed the source as a random thought. Upon thinking deeper I realised it may actually be more than just pure randomness; there may be some truth, some actual, subconscious connection as the reason to it.

Look. Looking

The reason I compare myself to a frog is because we both ( me and frog) have something in common. We quite often have those blank moments- times where our eyes are wide open observing everything around us, yet nothing actually in our mind.

Hey, hey, dude you there? Hello?
christian bale in the machinist

Ya' know, like 1000 visual imput and 0 interpretation of any sort. Like me, like a frog.

" and well, actually a frog's quite intelligent too "

we just don't know it yet.

Me and frog, we, we just don't know how to reap the reward from this talent. That we are still working on. Time. As of now, we are content to be just a-nother dumb nut who stares into blank space.

Waiting for an idea, a spark or an inspiration. Just one thought away.


But for you Frog, yeah I know you're smart and humans don't know it yet( naive them!). You're just not intelligent yet, lol.

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