Thursday, July 1, 2010

Being excellent students as we all are, it becomes a matter of time before it becomes obvious that reality and mathematics are one. The part where statistics appears in everything in my everyday life. And I'm not saying I've turned into a geek either.

It seems it's human nature to appreciate things more when they are in less. The ordinary thing looks special when they are few of them.

Was telling a friend how in this uni the lack of(absence actually) pretty girls is so real that even the decent ones looks so special. We laughed it off, of course, because I'm here to study not to.. Haha.

Anyway, I realised another thing. I've been spending and wasting too much time on people I want to be around, in a perfect world. In reality I'm just near to nothing from their eyes yet I stay close to them. Pathetic really.

That's been happening for ages because I'm always on the move and my friends always come and go. In statistical terms, the subject group is very small to start with, and as mentioned above because of it the simple things looks better than they actually are.

When the going gets tough I soften and they look great, but when things are good it becomes clear. Keep telling myself stay away from this self destruction fact but I can't. Shit.

Shit friendship with shit people looks savable from my hopeful eyes. Maybe they are not shit, maybe I'm shit, maybe I'm not shit, maybe it's just culture/background/chemistry, whichever it is what it is.

I'm gonna cut ties with those like that. Fiona is not one of them(not because I like her but) because she's different. Compassion is her middle name.

But for now, less talk more action.

How could I have been blind all this while. I might still be. We all are.

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