Sunday, July 11, 2010

All Our Wants is Actually Here

Everything we do, we accept and allow to happen, the way we respond to it, it's all our choice. Deciding our reaction to everything is from the mind, and it's the reason why the mind is the reason for everything around us.

Things comes to us by chance/outside factor, the way we react to it personalizes it to become "ours". Like in "my history, my house, my family, my friends, my childhood, my future, my body, my bank account" is "fun/rich/big/small/slow etc".

I believe whatever we want can be achieved, it's just a matter of how badly do we want it, to what extend we'll go to get it.

Which is why I feel, my life's greatest opponent is myself. Conquering my natural mindset and emotions, fail to do it and we become predictable, second best and taken advantage of, succeed in doing so and the doors to everything else in life will unlock itself.

I think I make a better robot than being human.

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