Monday, June 28, 2010

Things are always not what it seems

We're having dinner as a family (minus the sister of course,cos she's at US) at what's becoming our formal family dinner eating place last week, when in the midst of vocal nothingness my brother having notice a little something special from this growing trend of eating there.

Leonard: [ of suddenly seeing a beautiful sky littered with glowing stars of a dark night as the background of our peaceful family dinner at that place, asks out of the blues- ]

Ma, what do you enjoy doing in life?

Mom: Hm.. -after a short pause- .. I like to go on holiday! I'm looking forward to New Year we all going on holiday to lalalala.. holiday.. holiday holiday lalala.

Leonard: Oh okay..

and so on.

And I was thinking all along how that's one hell of a professional lie.

As professional lie from her committed from the professional hat of a mother. He didn't notice maybe, but I couldn't not notice either.

Seriously speaking, if Leonard's question is to be taken seriously, than that answer would be considered by most standards really shallow, no? Never mind that.

If anybody would know the true extension of her mind, I reckon I'm the best bet.

Of course she loves holidaying and a break from her routine of going to office. Of course the green waters beside the forest of which a semi wooden chalet stand on piles suspends above it is hard to resist even for me, but all that comes second to one thing she's been working on since forever.

Humble as she is, she's a woman with always a plan.

Her one and only major project, of the past the future and the ongoing-ness of now, perhaps the top reason she can keep leaving for work before sun rise and coming back only after sunset for the past long long time.


The children. Of providing them proper education. Of educating them, of getting them educated with what's best she can. Even if it means sparing a few change for this cause every time she spend, even if it means scrubbing the new hostel room clean for me. Even if it means putting her holidays second to this.

I'm now living in a hostel, studying at a uni with peace in the course I want. It's normal to be tempted to think Life's easy, because it really is, for all price have been paid for already.

My sister is an excellent student in high school, continued her studies in Singapore's prestigious NTU, and now is halfway across the globe at the US. I've obtained a diploma in the course I love from Singapore and am going steady for the next few years, and my brother haven't even started his journey yet.

I don't believe this but maybe great kids are made by great parents after all.

And it all passed my brother in a chance it never got to exist, because of a professional lie. A lie only one a mother would make and feel better about, a lie about a matter which actually never really existed, eh?

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