Monday, June 14, 2010

There is a greater power we have yet understand.

I had this really weird dream last night. In it was those tiny small flying irritating beetles that comes and visit the house at night. I haven't seen them for years and infact I've forgotten about their existence from my childhood days. Then out of nowhere they reappeared in a dream.

I even remembered the minor detail of having whitish flesh come out when i squash them flat. Yes, disgusting.

And today. Was in my living room watching tv when suddenly a beetle flew in and was flying around the room. I'm only normal to respond " WTF is wrong with the moment?!"

Dumb beetle. You deserve to get squash. Then I remembered about the dream last night. Maybe a deceased soul? Nah. I don't believe.

Coincidence? Luck? A greater power? Mystery of creation and the universe?

I don't know but it's really weird. If deja vu is unexplainable and weird this is the square of that. Maybe even cube.

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