Friday, June 4, 2010

Some Things Even Money Can't Buy

I have been under-sleeping for the past two days ( slept at 1.30/2am on Wed and Thursday) and went to work giving a 110% while running on coffee and redbull.

It was just a matter of time before something break eh?

Luckily it isn't. On the way back today as I was sitting on a packed MRT I had one of the best sleep I had in a long time,despite it being just barely 1 minute.

As I dozed off I had a flashback of a sensation I once felt when I was a child. Some many many years ago when the family still stay together we would travel back to our hometown on a highway. 400km, 4 hours, at night and I always had 101 problems with moving cars.

The scent of the aircon, cold air and fixed cushion disgust me.

The design and shape of the chair does not fit me at all.

The rubbish door which provides little comfort and a lousy angle when leaned upon for support. The alternating highway streetlights which keeps on shining into my damn eyes and I'm supposed to fall asleep?.

The dead body chopped into 7 parts and disposed off in the darkness at the oil palm plantation along the highway which I overheard my parents discuss about when I was younger. I was fortunate enough to overheard that but unfortunate enough to extra-overheard where. Which basically means every oil palm plantation is. HAHA

The cramped backseats which 3 siblings shared, made me (Sorry I had no choice but to) push and kick my brother away. Which is quite bad but quite fun. HAHA

It was never a good experience traveling on the car long distance.

But after a while of all that I would eventually fall asleep, and at the very last moment before I was gone I would feel a sensation similar to a rising tide to a incoming wave of change

Like having the bad's suddenly change good.

like a traditional enemy made peace.

like from pain to pleasure.

Of being afloat, lifted, suspended and weightless, carried and raised, of letting go of your body for once.

A feeling which only lasted for a second but feels like an eternity.

. . .

I had actually rediscovered a forgotten sensation from childhood in the train today.

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