Monday, June 7, 2010

My List of Dreams

P/s: Might be a little long.

. . .

I have in me a list of goals/dreams in this life I want to accomplish.

This list is of course subjected to changes with time like every other thing and hence, it should be better known as "List of Goals/Dreams when Jordan was 21" or something like that.

Just if you're curious, I am writing this down because Ivan tempted me to share it out. Fine. Have it your way.

No, actually I always wanted to do it but lacked that final spark, the one motive to type it out every time, until he initiated it.

Before I type it out I need to make clear my belief,definition and basic concept in judgement of what's right and wrong in deciding the code I function my life upon.

1. Money is not everything. It is definitely something but not everything.
2. Time is only valuable if appreciated.
3. It's not the quantity which defines the quality, it is all just perception.
4. There is always a third choice in comparisom of things.
Not rich may not be poor, poor may not be rich either.

There's that middleground people miss out in pursue for more.

5. The true purpose of life is(?) for us to find out; we don't know it yet and that's what keeps up waking up every morning. To find a reason. Most of the time to most people when that reason is found life becomes less interesting?

6. And lastly for now, to enjoy life is to be able to stop comparing/connecting/influenced by others and start being ourselves. Note the "to be able to", doesn't mean you have to.

That is pretty much what I can put into words right now, this coming from a person trying his best to write black and white some of his principles of life. Not easy, okay.

Speaking of which it reminds me of another one. We are born into a culture where people generally don't think. We all have brains, we use our brain, but think with our brains but often because it is called into action rather than choice. With all the wonderful influence around us we don't have time for it anyway, yeah?

The time a person really starts living is when he steps out of this passive world he's been existing in and start being the person he can be.

My dreams. You'll be surprised.

1. To be free from financial issues and monetary matters for good.

To go into a shop and just take what I want and walk off, without needing to think about how much it cost of what is the best bargain.

It doesn't necessarily means like I need to be so super filthy rich, I just need to find the right balance of cash in hand+ spare to feed a person like me kind of expenditure's bill.

I spend frequently but I don't spend lavishly, I spend big at times but only after thorough consideration, and I'm not wasteful. In other words I don't carry such high maintenance fee.

2. I want to live in a glass house on pillers in the middle of the sea, free from the community and trouble ofcourse, to be able to fish every day and count stars every night. While blasting the woofers as far as it can go and rock the seas without any sense of guilt.

3. Also, to have a nice multi-story house built on top of the hill and over the edge of a cliff, overlooking the horizon and sunset. Perhaps a few neighbours and lots of flat grassland around it with some trees. No jetties and no beach and no edgy rocks, please.

4. To go to London someday and step foot on my beloved Arsenal FC fortress. Simple and possible, but the most important aspect is to be there in the intention of GOING THERE. Rather than happen to be around there and drop by and step foot just to strike out an item from the list. Yeah?

5. Have some micro-bio-electronic chip inserted into my blood vanes and allows me to enjoy music at beyond this world's quality, neverending tracks, immediate availability and ultimate freedom of control, all this while being not even needing to leave my body.

There's no need for the mind to work with the brain to connect with the nerves and send the impulse to the body to let the world know, wait, and have ear receive it's input, filter and delay it, back to the nerves and to the brain just so the mind can enjoy a song. Just shove the freaking chip into our brain and play it, alright?

I've got a addiction to music even for a person like me and the years I've tried, I still could not reach that fantasy nirvana stage I want. To have it played internally just might be the solution from the future, a technology beyond our time for now.

And from another person's eyes, I'm just a same old me.

6. Plan a master plan of a scale so massive that it had never deem possible nor dreamed of before, about something, perhaps with little to no motive or gain. A plan so sophisticated and elaborated others would just write it off as "Lucky la you". And execute it to absolute perfection.

Maybe plan a ultimate heist, a surprise "coincidantial" surprise dinner for 10 ex-classmates, or simply a more productive company to exercise micromanagement.

Like this: Get 2 technicians to write a online social networking site to compete with FB. Get a supervisor to supervise them. Get another supervisor to supervise the original supervisor. Get a accounting group to handle the finances and salary. Get a a manager to lead them. Get another manager to supervise him. Hire a few other bunch of people like this to rival each other. Get a group of people to watch over the whole thing. Get a lawyer to negotiate a loan from the bank with the help of his own group of people. Get another 3 lawyers to supervise him. Get a bank robber to help them. Get a few brainy people to be manage the whole thing from an underground location. Get a person to be the deputy and another as the head. And lastly , get a person to be the mastermind. All while not a single person knowing the true extend of the plan, hence unable to hijack it. And if anything goes wrong, the police intervene and people gets killed, I don't know, not me leh.

To be continued.

P/s: Every book started with a few words, I found out, as my few words almost turned into a book!

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