Sunday, June 27, 2010

Music. It's actually really rocket science.

Music to me is a mysterious art of the living. In principle it's a sound wave and upon entering our system we hear what others have recorded some time before. However to me music is so much deeper than that; to an extend I don't fully know and can't fully explain it's true nature of definition to me.

There is two parts to it.

Music in a way functions as a background by-default playing entity at the back of my mind. It keeps my mind constantly occupied and hence not wondering about more complicated matters which is actually very mentally draining. In a way it is like a medicine to help keep the self destruction of over working myself at bay.

The right kind of music too provides a healing kind of feeling which relaxes my mind, perhaps in a manner explained above. Despite the general acceptance that music is noise when one's trying to sleep, I enjoy falling asleep with my headphones shoving clear music into my mind.

To me, for the musics I hear, each and every one is a story which tells a story of its on. Some are made that way by the artist conveying a message but others like trance too tells a story in their own ways, though not in any lingual manner.

The story behind each song is totally individualistic; it's up to the listener to understand it in their own ways. Just like art, the beauty is only in the eyes of the beholder.

That's my general definition of what my music means to me.

The second part I've noticed about music is that is also works as a canvas for a person to paint his memories in. Like a thick childhood photo album of the past combined with a emotion capturing technology of the future. Like a blank tape on record mode, it has the ability to record our emotions and capture it as long as we remember it.

Hearing a particular song over a event/period when we have emotions running in us, sometimes that emotions will be captured in the song. Emotions like love, freedom, relaxation, tranquility, frenzy, calmness or just numbness, I find past emotions of mine captured in certain songs.

In staying at home in my original house I managed to listen to my collections of songs from my own computer ( which I've parted with for some many months while in Singapore) and almost all brings back memories of past events and the emotions attached to it.

Every song I hear I'm tempted to share with the world how a particular phrase/line/chorus strikes me as brilliant, but putting things in perspective no one else would understand the true depth of how it means to me.

The world just don't understand how good it's means to me.

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