Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's All Part of the Plan.

After soccer today three of us - Ara Julian and I - was discussing where to have dinner. Guys being guys like us, we all have our own criteria and made it be known.

Jordan wants a nearby place because he dislikes traveling unnecessarily. Julian was on a tight budget. Ara wanted somewhere Gaylang area(not because of the you know, but because of the other you know. His house is there)

Eventually we decided on a place and as Ara and I was on the bus there (Julian biked there), I asked him a question. Which is actually more like sharing a opinion.

Jordan: Julian shouldn't have bought his motorcycle if he really understood the situation he was in.

Ara: Why you say that?

Jordan: Well because when we were discussing it's obvious price was a matter for him. As for me I am fine provided I don't need to travel long home. Had we gone to Balestial it would be 30 extra minutes traveling home. I don't like that.

I suggested going to somewhere nearby my house which was cheap.

Jordan : Put in another way, at most the difference in price for food is just 2 dollars? And for me it means an extra half an hour. That means my half an hour is worth 2 dollars yeah.

I don't know how Julian values his money but I value my half an hour more than just 2 dollars. I'm leaving soon and my time is my most valuable thing right now.

It has always been since one month ago when I knew I would miss part of my orientation because of work. Time is something I can plan to work out but cannot manipulate like magic.

Ara's response: Oh that's sharp.

Nice. I then remembered he do not follow the stuff I write on my blog hence not seeing the other side of me. Like at my office, I always on my stupid, innocent looks.

It keeps things sweet and simple, and they always stand up for me and still be respected. It is not trickery or cunningness, it's just understanding the nature of perception.

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