Sunday, June 13, 2010

If Life is like a Game of Pool

Then I would say my life is pretty fucked up.

Playing pool with two friends by a rotation concept gives everyone alot of waiting time (when not playing) and to me, time to think,examine and troubleshoot aspects of things.

Like why I always don't seem to be good enough on the pool table than I believe my mind say.

Like how complacency seems to be my no.1 enemy all the the time; it's the reason I can't live up to my potentials.

And like how despite playing round after round after round and end up being disappointed all the time, despite making vows to CHANGE NOW with a new game plan, I always seem to be back to same point over and over again. No matter what the plan is the result always seem to be the same. I'm just so consistently consistent at easily influenced by emotions in mind and thus, form in performance. It's always shit.

If life was a game of pool I would know better why and how it's fucked up like me.

Thing is, life isn't a game of pool.

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