Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Write Sweet Memories Around Me

I think people that give me a chance to be in their life have only made the right choice because we seem to be always writing sweet memories together, as a friend, as a group of friends.

After soccer today when the sky was dark my senior colleague+friend shouted out loud to everyone in panic- MY CARKEYS ARE MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSINGG

*die lo..

My handphone wallet jeans shirt shoes bag cloths all in his boot. My other two friends belongings too. A motorcycle keys inside, helmet, passport, housekeys. Basically everything beside the human itself.

For a moment being without my 4 personal belongings- wallet(money and ID), handphone(communication to the world), music player(heartbeat) and my keys(hope of comfort), I felt so naked. So so naked. Just like a naked person, only more naked. Like a monkey, a primate. I am no different from a freaking monkey!

Yeah. Am home now thankfully.

Was thinking throughout "if i hadn't kicked that ball that way/if I hadn't pass it to him/if I hadn't bugged them to go faster/if i hadn't tackle,pushed and shove the player",".. the key might not have gone missing."

Well, I wrote the future that lead to the present too after all, eh?

I'm so loving life. I want to believe I write sweet memories with those around me.

Hang around me, understand my mentality and then you'll understand me.

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