Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How did you spend last Saturday?

If you happen to be outside of Tanjung Pagar MRT station (or as a matter of fact anywhere 500km around there) you mighT notice this super bloody big tall structure somewhere there.

It climbs 50 stories and 2 gardens skywards and is somewhat shaped as an ass.

As in seriously.

This is the Pinnacle @ Duxton.

It is supposedly the biggest and tallest HDB building in Singapore, with a modern touch of class. Yes, is HDB. Not quite your normal old red block/lego block/pigeon house building, eh.

Anyway I've first heard of this massive project in 2006 when I was in my first year in Singapore Polytechnic. We were having a site visit by private bus to god-knows-where and back then I remembered it was just all a pile of oranje mud, foreign workers and well, foundation piles.

I remember wondering, imagining then, what it would look like from the artist impression multiplied with a dose of reality in the gigantic size of the construction site. I just couldn't imagine it. I vowed to myself one day I'll come back to visit it again.

That was 4 years ago.

Last Saturday I was at Somerset MRT station waiting for my dearest classmate and friend Lina who wanted to meet up once more before I leave Singapore and as I waited for her someone unexpected approached me.

It was no other than my old clique mate/exam cheatmate Geoshua.

( no I didn't cheat I just watched him cheat.)

( Really)

He so fucking happen to be at the same location at the same time as me and as amazing as it is, it's true. He too happen to be waiting for Jon, another friend of ours who too is also my cliquematecheatmate. (they cheated together not me).

And this isn't the first time, about a year ago I too was with Lina walking to Marina Square when we came across him waiting for someone else. Perhaps he is born to be a waiter or something.

The four hung out together and did crazy things in such short time, while I was feeling all along that time have been rewinded for us. Like God or the greater power or whatever has seen it coming and have been waiting for it all along.

Jon suggested going to his new house in the evening and I was abit reluctant but eventually complied. Having thought nothing of it "it's just some stupid condo somewhere" and having nothing to talk in the cab in a rare moment of nothingness, I asked him out of the blues "where do you stay?"

He said:

" Pinnacles @ Duxton "

Life blasted into (more) life from that moment onwards.

Unbelievable. Totally unbelievable. Such coincidence.

For the record, I have totally forgotten about that vow I made uptill I was remembered about it, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Sara have been asking me Where else have you not go for the past week and I really conceded the fact that I've seen and conquered the whole Singapore. I was wrong, but thankfully there is this.

Every other Saturdays I prepare myself for something big but never happen but then one day when I'm just tagging along with life, it came knocking on my door. It found me. Life never cease to interest me.

Also, it kinda shows that when we keep something we really want in mind long enough it will eventually come true. We won't know "How" yet for now but with a "Why" it's just a matter of time.

As for them, after meeting up at mrt we went to some mall and hang around, window shopped around, ate KFC like in poly and talk shit, bought movie tickets, went to Jon's house, called pizzas and watch a movie before rushing to Cathays to watch another movie, then played pool at Parklane. By the time I came home it's 4am; 12 fucking hours straight of living a part of rewinded time, reliving a memory.


Nina Nurziana said...


btw- ur chatbox not working.huhu~


Serene said...

wish i had a unit at the duxton.. nvm, they'l come up with more luxury hdbs in future ;)