Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hope: Sticks Like Glue, Goes Like The Wind

Hope is a very powerful thing.

(My belief reinforced at the super strongest when I happen to read this book by chance)

Man's Search For Meaning - Introduction to Logotheraphy -
a book about the author surviving Auschwitz almost solely on hope

After everything I've seen, tried and done, all I've got to say is Hope really is a strong thing.

To give hope to someone is something which cost nothing yet have the ability to change the future for real.

To give hope to someone cost nothing in economic terms but is something everyone turn to when they themselves are down. Something which cost nothing but only works with sincerity, something I'm sure many would pay for when in need. It's just that when in need, many overlook hope because of it's unreliability, yet when one found it came out of the sudden.

Hope to me is something which can make or break a person. A booster to performance. Give someone hope and they can survive where not expected. Take away someones hope and you'll kill them, literally. A slow agonizing painful inevitable death.

Like taking out their pillars of support, their bones from within their body. The act unnoticable the results unmissable.

In my case I always have real hopes to all those around me. To not mess up their life, to not waste their potentials, to not disappoint themselves. This is not expectations to live up to, this is support to you there. I didn't asked for it, but I realised it's just part of my natural personality, an optimist.

But even optimist aren't spared from the cruelty of the world. They say, Optimist + Pessimist = Realist. If realist is real then I'm not.

In trying to give hope to others but being rejected and declined repeatedly, I become human too.

Giving up hope is like consenting their death warrant, a defeat to the cruelness of fate, allowing them to fall and succumb to the difficulties of life, of reaching a point there's no returning.

It's very hard for me to digest a defeat in helping others with hope, and the only way I know how to react is by avoiding them for good. Painful but practical for survival.

There is almost no difference in losing hope but staying in touch with a living person from a dead. We just don't really care about for, right?

I really hope I can find a way to help her.

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