Monday, June 14, 2010

Everything's Already Here, It's Just A Matter of Finding It

Today I had some free time and I went to Vivocity to enjoy the view. Sitting at the wooden rooftop overlooking Sentosa Island, I felt a rare degree of greatness and pleasure in living life.

Prior to being there I had changed destinations a couple of times, and that means switching trains/directions numerous times too. Wanted to go somewhere, didn't know where but in the end I still did found the place I knew I wanted to be.

No, I do not have Jeslynn by my side now unlike that one time long ago but the otherwise almost identical environment- the wooden floor, the metal grilling and glass window, the cloudy blue sky, the water and the green island - still gave me a wonderful though temporary dose of peace and assurance of the good things in life I have yet seen or known.

If there's one place I'll miss of Singapore, it most likely will be there.

I dozed on and off as I sat and leaned on the glass window. Lovely.

The last time Jeslynn was there with me I was too occupied thinking about her that I never really enjoyed the moment. Now without her, I see things clearer.

Girls I fancy is one of my greatest weaknesses.

Life minus fancying girls I can't get is more enjoyable.

Cheers. Get well soon Sara.

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