Monday, June 7, 2010


Was having a drink+ chatting session with some friends when the topic switched to religion. With 3 of the 5 being from the same church, one me and the other one a non believer it turned into a more serious discussion about religion and each's meaning about God.

Debating is healthy IMO provided it's done correctly with the right intentions.

My response to it then was " Oh this is way long expired a issue worthwhile debating"

But when two person is debating about a common thing in which they both have different definition about, in a way which involves less listening from the other and more enforcing each's belief to the other, less on trying to work to a common understanding and more on reinforcing their own ground, is not debating.It's not even discussing as both aren't open to the other's idea.

It is more like standing up for their prides of their belief and from a third person point of view, it's just a pointless waste of time.

Not taking time for granted, the opportunity cost it takes for 5 people to put aside some time to gather too have been disrespected, put shame upon and indirectly mocked of.

And above all, the reason a term exist to remind us of such situations. Counterproductivity. Speaks louder than the whole entry combined.

I was tempted to break up the verbal modern day fight but it was just a rare sight that part of me was interested in watching the drama unfold.

It got me wondering why do people despite the longer years they have lived and things they have seen, despite knowing the outcome of such negative interaction like that, still see a point in continue debating?


Was the reason both continued investing time and effort debating is because they felt threatened? Because they felt intimidated by the other? Because it's the by-default response? Obviously it isn't because they were trying to teach or learn from the other too. Because they get turned on by it and are enjoying it?

Sometimes peoples behavior are beyond my comprehension.

Heck care.

The rest was fun, yeah.

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