Monday, May 31, 2010

Old is just a state of mind.

I met up with a friend from poly over dinner and had a brief but great chat. Which is actually more of talking cock and sharing opinion and laughing over shits.

At one point I was explaining a opinion of mine about how people our age are never really expired from poly despite graduating.

Suf: They always give me that [OLD!],[EXPIRED!],[OVERDUE!] looks when I'm in Poly because I look older than my age.

Jordan: Aiya don't worry bout it it means little. Remember 2 years ago when I was still in Poly I look very pretty much the same like I do now? Back then I was feeling so at home in poly, but now even as I've graduated when I come back I still blend in like it was just yesterday.

Jordan: My point is, even if you graduate tomorrow they will still give you that looks, so why wait? Graduation is just a standard we compare ourselves with, though it with respect to actual age is subjective. Just because I've graduated and you haven't doesn't makes me expired from poly, same goes to you. It's all quite the same.

[ he stopped me halfway and said something I'll never forget ]

Suf: Haha, you? 2 years ago you are just the same as now. You never grow old.

(Jordan: HAHA)

Yeah come to think about it I guess it's true because I've always believed our body age subconsciously related to our mind. If you believe you're old and past your prime, release the handbrakes and slow down, your body too will slowly adapt to being old. Likewise if we believe we are still young our body too will be young. It's just one of those magics in life we research alot about yet know little about really.

My father used to say he's old and is gone and his physique is evident to that. I wondered which came first, the old body hence the surrendered mind, or..?

Also when running at the tracks there's that few old man who keeps on running before me, alongside me and keeps on running after me. Amazing how the mind controls the body.

Back to the conversation.

Jordan and Suf:

Also, we are all in poly and we are pretty much the same. The obvious change we can see is only when compared to a uni student. In uni they are exposed to different things- higher pace of learning, higher expectations, greater knowledge in lesser time. That, the environment, is what changes the person, not age.

So basically we all follow the flow of change up till we reach a point our environment force a change on us. Like a student going to uni, a adult getting married, a girl becomes a mother, and a mother becomes a grandmother. When the change comes from our environment force itself upon us we change. We change in time, but we do not grow with age.

As good as extensive thinking goes, it takes a conversation to really put it into action by making it in a passable package.


No Whys? now, understand later. That is what faith is afterall, eh?

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