Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Mother is an Accountant (but)

My brother is staying with me in Singapore. Initially the plan was to stay 2 weeks here, but due to financial realization he might be going back earlier than planned.

I as his elder brother and working on the surface, sounds perfectly right to be the once financing him for his stay here, that's what my conscious says. But the other half of me feels there's something wrong about this.

The ones who suggested this idea are at home in Malaysia and though guided my brother all the way here to Singapore to me, had barely supported him financially. I can't help but feel they pushes the responsibility away from each other and it,inevitablly, ended up with me.

I do take pride in putting aside some of my hard earned money to help my not-working brother, but that's merely concealing the problem.

That like how I tried to explain to him earlier, we come from a background where finance and cashflow is like taboo; a forbidden thing to talk openly about. And above that, we've grown up learning from our senours a mentality of being extremely cautious and fearful of financial commitment.

Financial commitment by my own definition is putting a considerable sum of money into something we truly believe in doing is right.

Like a working man taking a loan for a car, a family buying a house or like a teenager buying his second handphone.

The only thing we came to agree my parents did right in this term of financial commitment is spending huge sum on educating us properly during our early years of life.

Also I believe that everyone should listen and learn from their parents, but only half of what they have to offer. The other half should be taken as opinion to be passed upon, to make way for changes to try in this new generation. If we actually follow them through and through, we will be like them but the problem is, theirs may work in the past but we are living in the future.

So to put into context this concept, I only listen to some things my parents say. Same goes to their financial education of life's idea. To point out some points of disagreement in their ways is the normal thing we all should be doing at some point of our lives.

For me, perhaps now.

I told my brother he'll learn alot by coming to Singapore and stay with me. Seems the learn alot has less to do with Singapore and more to do with staying with me w/o the others.

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