Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Key to a Lasting Marriage is Communication

My father and my mother should be talking to each other rather than both asking me to convey their opinion and plans of my education to the other.

Like seriously, they both live under one roof 500km away from me and have been married for 30 years? 30+ years? That's an awfully long time and any problems by my own standards should have been resolved by then. The lack of communication between my parents, it's true. It's what it is.

My father called me about studying locally during lunch time, and suggested to me I "inform" my mother about this idea.

My mother smsed me "Check email" last night because my father suggested to her to do so ( in the least amount of communication as possible again?) Today she smsed me after lunch hour to ask more about what my father emailed me. Seriously?

I made a point to keep family matters out during work hours but my mum seems to be the opposite. I had to ignore her to focus at work. Even my blind peers at work can see a change in me lately. How am I suppose to really juggle between a non-communicating parents communicating via me and perform flawlessly at work?

I focus 99 parts of the time and get burned very badly for that 1 part I somehow flopped. Everyday. The pressure is slowly turning me to jelly.

My parent's can say all they want to justify their situation but the fact is this is a failed lesson on communication they're teaching their kids.

The one thing I've learned from their failing in this life is never to let the same happens in the next, when I'm the one's married.

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