Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've been working for half a year already and I'm starting to think about a new job. I've got a diploma in Civil Engineering and the Land Surveying job I'm working at is actually just one of many areas covered under Civil Engineering

in a 30 hour academic week, we spend on average 5 hours on Surveying back then in poly

I never really had any passion for this specific field, but since it's my first full time course related job, I never really had a choice either. That's because in my field, fresh grads with zer0 field experience is as good as a no grad. Yeah.

I realised this morning on my way to work, that once the passion for working has faded, our future days are numbered. With that passive mindset on, our thoughts translates to actions and our days will be numbered.

I'm doing office field data processing work, and I've always been under my direct senior. In the past few months I've grown from a extra hand to a hand. Where I used to do what he deem is possible for me and useful to him, I do. Nowadays, I'm still like that, plus the littlebit more where I actually recommend to him what I think is a better option in the bigger picture for the benefit of us all, to spend my time and effort doing.

And I always tend to give 110% in making sure my work is the best that I can do, even when it goes unnoticed.

Today the boss called two of my seniors who makes up our department and had a long talk with them. I later found out that the boss thinks since our twin "auto" department can function with just one person, why does our "manual" job department requires two in me and my direct senior? Nevermind the why, he skipped that and asked them, in a short time two will do the job of one and we only need one.

Me and my direct senior, hand against hand, one's gotta go. On his side he has 3 years experience and me, 6 months. He covers my work and alot more too, while I do my work.

I still believe we are in this situation because of my department head who tasked me with assisting him for the past few months.

Not replicating him, not competing against him, not doubling him or bettering him, just assisting him.

As assist goes, I was never meant to better him and never had a chance to stand for myself?

On the flipside I reckon I'm a faster learner than him (though with attitude problems of my own), and my qualification at this stage allows diversity, making me not just a one trick pony.

This very morning before all this, I coincidentally felt that I'm overdue working here, and I'm wasting my time doing all this, something which is a sub-division of a sub-division of my actual course.

Initially when I started, I was doing shit work but I took pride in doing it because everyone starts with shit work, and also believing the future holds brighter prospect with patience in time.

But after all these months that certainly isn't true. They seem to not know nor bother to think of how to use me best. I've settled down doing the same old thing everyday, as a field data processer.

Data processer < Land surveying < Civil Engineering

or to be more specific

Part data processer , part office work < Technicians < Land surveying < Civil Engineering

which pretty much makes me an office boy

. . . .

Today he seemed to be really bothered about what my boss told him, and seem to be in a big dilemma too of having to chose between one of us. If it was me I would have chose myself first too, so I can't blame him. Besides, with overwhelming odds stacked against me I don't really stand any chance for any chance eh?

And he really seem to be more bothered about it then me in all seriousness. That's because ever since the day I accepted the job I set a deadline for myself regardless of anything asking me to stay, and that duration is May.
I know that working someone is only beneficial for a certain amount of time, afterwhich time becomes a liability, a loss.

That's about 6 months since I've started work in November 2009.

I've never told anyone from work about when exactly I am due, but the calling from the above came just at the right time. I haven't told anyone about this yet either, I don't know why haven't I, but I think it's the right thing to do.

I've always been like this, doing things now based on gut feeling without knowing why, and keeping faith that I'll find out the reason later on while making the right decision all along.

And I'm loving it.

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