Saturday, April 10, 2010

When the Past does not suggest a clearer insight of the Future

Once upon a time the house had 6 occupants- the 5 family members plus a maid

My father said, One day you'll all go separate ways so treasure the time now when you all are still here together

Roll time forward and I left for Singapore overnight after my O'level results came out in 2006, my sister followed soon after her A'levels result came out in early 07, my brother somehow survive the loneliness and in early 2010 he got his O'levels results. He's on his way out too.

My sister is going to US soon, then me to UK. My brother will be half the world away around home.

Sometimes I wish part of me could always be by their side to support them when they are lost, when they are down, when they are they. Can I take out a chunk of my meat and be with them? Doubt so. But you get the point.

Life's harsh.

I learnt last time, when life's harsh it's because we are just inexperienced. Still maybe true.

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