Sunday, April 18, 2010

When I broke up with my first girlfriend, I was in the taxi moving out of her house and was thinking real real. I've been with her for 2 years plus and despite being a veteran in this relationship thing, there's one part I still haven't gone through- the finale, the breaking up part.

The relationship's glory days have came and gone, the feeling just history. The ingredience to the end has been piling and when Fiona came into my life she was the final straw which got the ball rolling. It was always coming to this end, it's just a matter of time.

I was confused and didn't know how to feel nor react, but as time passed by I eventually found my way through.

. . .

Similarly in Fiona's lovedrunk case, I've had my on high days and low days and now I feel, it's time to move on. To eventually move on.

It's totally normal to move on after every fall, to stay in this state indefinately is abnormal (and more importantly, unhealthy)

I've finally let go of her. It's barely been a fully week since she told me on Monday but in this short time I felt like I've seen a long time worth of. . worths.

I'm not the same as before now but I know now I have a physical weakspot/softside in Fiona. If I'm having a really rough time, the thought of having her at just one call away help cure it.

on the flipside the emotions conjured from a particular time and situation can never be replicated identically twice agian.

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