Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Untitled Dream

This is gonna be one of the stupidest shit you'll ever read on the blog and others, but heck, it's still a story to tell worthy rememnbering.

I dreamt last night that I was finally free from all my lifelong's obligations of working/family/etc, and that was the first day I truly have felt walking without the shackles of life.

I met a guy friend and being passive as I always am lately, I responded in a passive way.

He said long time no see!

He said let's get married.

I said okay, lets get married.

We got married that night.

Two fuckin guys. Married. He's taller, bigger built and more mascular than me so that kinda makes me the more female of us both?

And all along he had his female sidekick around, and I had Keat around. They both just watched us and complied with our drama without really saying a word the whole time.

I felt weird. Not because of the gayism, or the gay marriage or the less manly role of myself in it. I felt weird because Keat was there all along and she bore witness to it, and by keeping still like a stone I know she's a warzone inside.

The next day I felt it's been forever and I've got enough of this. I told him I wanted to divorse him. I think I did. And Keat was the same as ever, a stoner stoning.

The end.

And the whole dream as dream goes, happened because of the emotions I was feeling prior to sleeping. I rediscovered the part of me that missed Fiona. And in that dream which have everything to do with Fiona, she didn't fucking exist.

That's what it is. She doesn't fucking exist anymore.

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