Saturday, April 10, 2010

Texas taught me

This is Texas ( fullnamed Texas Tembien; my sister adds a Tan in the middle because we are all Tans)

He is 7 years old human years. That's according to my brother who's figure is according to his own estimation which I never really trust. I reckon Texas is about 6-8 y/o

We've grown up together for many years, but ever since I left home I only see him every once in a few months. He still remembers me everytime I come back after months of being away in Singapore, and his kind of display of missing me is something I also get when I don't come back overnight.

Or possibly the other way. The reception I get for not coming back overnight is the same as when I come back after months. Whichever, his emotional intelligence kinda impresses me.

Ever since I've been away, I'm prepared myself for the day I get news that he is gone, be it accidental,fated or expired. That is part of the joy in seeing him everytime when I come back home.

When the eventually eventually happens, I won't shed a tear. I promised myself that the day I left home. I will remember how this biological coincidentially-collided-with-me creature left sweet memories in me. I have many dogs before since young but this is the only 1 I call a true friend.

In time, I'll put this lesson into peoples of my life, starting with my parents.

Texas taught me a walk to remember.

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