Friday, April 9, 2010

Some things takes a second to conjure but forever remembered

Fiona, you know I like you rightttttttttt

when she asked why, i replied without really thinking, i said this:

Because you're eveyrthing i want in a person i can truly spend my effort caring for

I can give you 1001 reasons but you still won't understand the way i feel for you

Erm okay. but you can tell that i treat you only as a friend right? don't be offended, you are a nice guy. but it is just that i just met you not too long ago and i don't have that kinda feeling for you

Yeah i know.
I don't expect you to fall for me either because we don't know each other in person. I really respect your decision but I just want you to know how i feel towards you.
You can play me as a friend but i'll treat you better than others you know that.
If there's anything i can do for you, I will.


platypus said...

(purely from my point of view - under the assumption that you're anything like me)

Only guys like us can get obsessed with a girl enough to promise such dedication. And we *will* act upon it.

But think - those feelings are a fleeting moment. Dedication without reciprocation leads to disappointment. Small ones, easily ignored. But they build up.

Eventually you will feel the tedium. The feeling of never going anywhere. The feeling of being used - manipulated. Those feelings will fester, and soon - they turn into resentment.

Trust me. I've been there. In fact, I was right there about a month ago. I was both amused and uplifted to see someone facing the very same emotions I was feeling at the time (yes, I've been following your series of posts). A friend said the exact same things - and I ignored him.

Guess where I am now? Heh - confirmation bias, maybe. But I put my point across anyway.

...or hey, you could go ahead and carry on. In that case, good luck bro.

Jordan said...

Hey mate

Really appreciate your words of advice though I gotta admit it came as a sudden; totally unexpected.

I've been off this blog for 10 months until just last week, how'd you ended here?

Haha, just curious. Nevermind the identity.

platypus said...

My words are not those of advice - but rather, an opinion of *one* possibility out of many. Perhaps you may fare better with the 'sit and wait' tactic than I did. I'm an impatient person.

But yeah. I've got your blog on my RSS reader. Been there for ages (and I never clean up old update-less feeds). It was mere chance that I read the posts rather than skipping them though.