Monday, April 12, 2010

Self Reflection

Jordan Tan realised I am one of those who may be pressured, humiliated, rejected and all but will never admit defeat.
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-oh anyway about my facebook nick
-the one where i never surrender
-what do you think about that statement with your long history as my brother
-but it has to been of recent years ever since ive moved to singapore, the change started there

@~Aeon_Leon~@ says:
-that must be where ur kia su when to
-ur sometimes one hard nut to crack
-but at least you do take some as structured criticism

Jordan says:
-well kiasu is one thing, i am not kiasu
-kiasu means scared to lose
-i am not scared to lose, i admit defeat where it is due, but i do not concede defeat
-admit is telling out to everyone
-concede is telling it to yourself that you are not worthy, cant be worthy to win
-that is surrendering, that is giving up
-i admit defeat but i don't give up
-i'll always come back and try better in time
-unless im not bothered to do so, the absence of a motive. like playing guitar against you

@~Aeon_Leon~@ says:
-personally being your brother
-you like to boast

Jordan says:
-that i know
-just part of me
-but that has nothing to do with my question
-i think i end up having the like to boast image because i don't quite know how to express my emotions and convey my point out correctly, so resort to a alternative less accurate manner
which isnt the point anyway

@~Aeon_Leon~@ says:
-tat makes sense

Jordan says:
-i just cant be bothered to go the extra mile to change someones mind eventhough i know i am correct, thats my bad
-but when they find out the hard way what ive said is true all along, then the way i react to the situation seems alot like boasting
-told you not to do that, told you i was right

-anyway, you havent answered me yet
-what do you think of my statement on FB, from your experience of close relationship with me as my brother
-realised I am one of those who may be pressured, humiliated, rejected and all but will never admit defeat.

@~Aeon_Leon~@ says:
-very good explaination about u
-its soo true
-never admit one
-when i say never
-i mean NEVER

Jordan says:
-never you mean, as in never say I did wrong, OR, say I did wrong but never accept it as a fact and give up?
-if the the first then that's not what i was expecting

@~Aeon_Leon~@ says:
-well you've expected correctly

Jordan says:
-okay tell me more
-what do you think about me
-take soccer maybe for example
-i remember playing against that red shirt pacey winger
-when i'm up for it to get him, i'll chase him all the way
-even if it results in almost no difference

-usually people will think since it will make no difference at all, why bother to chase
-but i'll just chase because i want to
-eventhough i know it will not change anything

@~Aeon_Leon~@ says:
-thats good
-but youve got one part wrong
-the part that you think you w0uld not make a difference

Jordan says:
-that is obviously not true too
-its just like rounding up
-most of the time it wont, but sometimes it will but that sometimes is really remote so can be -ounted as none
-whichever which i'll still run just to chase him
-totally out of pride and ego, to show him that i'm gonna give him hell
-even when it hurts the lungs so badly lol
-its all worth it

-thats what i mean by admitting defeat ( in not changing the outcome significantly) but not giving up( I tried my best)
-attitude like this makes more enemies on the pitch and friends off the pitch
-opponent hate it but observers look up upon it
-commitment without question

@~Aeon_Leon~@ says:
-nice to see
-not so nice to touch

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