Sunday, April 11, 2010

Parent's Paid for my Overseas Studies and got more than they expected

Sometimes situations suggest evidence about a theory of why I'm different- because I don't have a family.

Ofcourse I have my parents and a brother, but to have moved out of my home since 17 and fend for myself in a foreign land, 4 years later there bound to be some changes somewhere.

Whenever people do bad things and escapes the cruel reality of life by turning to their family, I just feel that they are living in fantasy land.

The place where things will always be alright tomorrow morning.

For me, the only way things will be alright tomorrow morning is not running back to my family's support, but to face the problem now.

I've grown up with many fears but have overcomed many. Dental, check. Lingual, check. Social, check. Confidence, check. Physique, check.

Maturity, check.

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