Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Than Just Luck?

There's this one senior of mine from work who plays soccer with us every Weds, and there's something special about .. him.

To start with, he isn't the best among us or anything near that, and it shows the gulf in class between us.

They all said he haven't scored a single goal for the past year and it is all fluke.

But for the past few consecutive weeks he have been scoring goals, awkward goals in awkward ways. He couldn't attack but last week he happen to be infront of the goalpost and the ball rolled to him off a rebound. The previous week before that he happen to again be infront of goal when somehow the ball hit him and went in. The week before that he scored 3 goals in a freakin game.

And today, he miskicked a wild ball, it hit his SHIN and bounced for like 10 meters and into the 1m wide goal, through the legs of the keeper. That is beyond possible and how it happen is beyond me.

He boast about it because it's supposed to be a rare event and even joked about scoring nowadays before the match, but he actually does scores.

I'm scoring goals too but that is less to do with luck though.

I realised today something we have in common.

As footballing terms goes, players are said to have " forms ". Sometimes they are off form, sometimes on form. (when they are on form things just happen to go their ways and in this case, he score goals out of nothing). While I'm less relient of luck, I still depend alot on form.

It seems that when a few good things are stringed together(be it by skill or luck), we gain the momentum and the believe that it will continue. That good things grow. And in doing so, our mind subconciously clicks and works in a mysterious way that makes it work.

Similarly, when we have one of those bad days where shit after shit happens to happen.


Just another observation from soccer today.

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