Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Hope There's Hope Part 1

Sometimes I feel if I actually write a book about all my phillosophies and principles in life, of life and from life, it may be a contender for the bestseller.

In real life I display that dumb nut-on-passive image half the time when the brain is thinking, and when it's not I'll talk. Kinda like inversly related. And people obvious get that perception that I am a dumn nut which I quite enjoy, of being able to surpass expectations (though that is little expectations to start with)

Anyway I wanted to write about this-

Hope is a very mysterious yet powerful element in our life. Even the strongest soldier may fall without hope, and the weakest prisoner may last with hope.

The popular mainstream ideology for a general accepted source of hope is religion. In believing that He exist and is overlooking them 24/7, they give hope to themselves to survive this life. This kinda makes up the majority of the population of mankind.

And then there's the minority, those who when asked will tell you either "I'm Hindu/Buddhist but I don't practice it" , or easier still, "I'm a freethinker". I'm one of those. I believe in the existence of a highest power, a creator, but not in the extraordinary forgiving and healing power of God himself.

I too run on my own dose of hope to function normally, but my source of hope isn't from God or any religion. I get my hope from simple things around me, by knowing that it helps a little and it will more with hope in it.

Like yesterday, while working I felt sleep. I went and get some coffee, and before drinking it I put my believe in it that this is the magical solution which will change my day. The coffee as it is already and scientifically proven, to help keep us more alert with the caffaine in it, but the addition of hope in it which acts as a subject for self furfilment, actually boost it so much more.

To be continued.


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