Thursday, April 29, 2010

I finally made myself go for a run, a run after so long of not running ever since the time I lose my motivation; that time.

I ran through the houses and ontop a hill and down it's backside and along Holland road back home. Yeah. Feels really good. It's a proven fact that running releases some "feel good" chemicals in our body and yeah. Haha.

On the way back while cooling down( I rather not enter my landlord's house than enter my house sweaty and dirty!) I walked around my block.

I wooed a cowcat and it actually came to me with my shit wooing. Hah. I was all sweaty around my upper body and squatting down and the poor fella who doesn't know shits came and rub it's body around mine. Or maybe the cat knows it's way dirtier than it looks....

Anyway. After some time I realised something. I've been leaving around this place and walking through the carpark every freakin day to the MRT yet it never really registered in me that the carpark have a openair rooftop. Just exactly the spacy and crowdless place nearby I've been searching for for months. A place to emo when a girl breaks your heart, too.

And on my way back I took a detour to a place so near yet so foreign- my block.

I've been staying here for 6 long months and the highest I've ever been is 2nd floor(my house). Infront of the stairs I accend and decend is a lift which goes up to 20, and uptill today everything going in and out of it is merely like a mechinical portal to nowhere I've ever considered.

Up there, with my block being one of the bigger blocks around the area, and 20 storeys high, translates to alot of houses and alot of people. Maybe like 500? Suddenly my comfort zone feels like it'd shrunk.

And like how Brendon puts it, we are indeed living in a land of pigeon holes.

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