Thursday, April 1, 2010

Changes are Imminant

The sister asked, Do you think I've change since I've started work?


Changes happen all the time. Where there is time, there is change. People change with time.

By comparing it to a constant rate of change of the great population and the average individual, only are we able to grade a person's particular rate of change- slower(lagging behind), faster(ahead of), or normal(as expected).

And then there's the drastic change- the change while changing

It is only correct to say if "I had change ^ change in time".

Change / Time = [constant]
Change^Change / Time = [constant]^2

Meaning, like a quadratic equation, when changes are presented as a constant, there is a constant growth of the lenier line. And when that is implied on human in relation with time, the subject is considered Changing in respect with the constant rate of change.

Similarly, they are people who don't want to change, against time, but they still change eventually.

Changes are cruelly imminant.


I told her this: " It's as expected "

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