Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Selfless vs Selfish

In my own defination:

Selfless is the act of putting almost everything before others, and because it's not obvious most of the time it looks as if it's only 50% implied.

The opposite of selfless is selfish.

The act of trying to act selfless 50% of the time because the selfless people seems to do it 50% of the time, while still being naturally selfish inside, and trying to cover it up by being selfless half the time when they don't have a reason to be selfish, is still selfish. It's selfish in disguise.

Maybe to most people the difference is almost unnoticable but for me, I seem to see it very very clearly. It goes in that moment of split second decision in a spontanious moment, a unplanned reation or in most cases, just general obviousness of selfishness in disguise.

The most obvious type of hint is when a person is good AND bad both in one, but the good and bad does not balance and cancel out each other.

Sometimes I think my rarity of being selfish naturally = her rarity of being selfless naturally

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