Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tripping Down in Town

Watever that means, it certainly sounded nice.

I happen to made a trip down to KL yesterday evening with Ivan( who happen to have nothing to do and dropped by my house) to visit the National Library.

I've been telling people I need to go to a library to fill my head with knowledge urgently as my brain's dying, deprived of intellectual stuff.
At face value, it's really just another casual, near pointless trip down with no backup plans whatsoever.

Hitched the ride down from my father fetching my brother to do something there, and upon reaching the National Library it was closed. My gut feeling that it's closed on Mondays was right after all. From then on, it's plan B.

there's no plan B

To cut a long and photoless story short, we walk our way back to KLCC and got lost and got found etc and finally reached KLCC by nightfall.

Having walked the streets of KL and watch sunset as the life of KL make their way back home, to pass a Malay village, to eat at a Malay stall, to cross a Klang river, to walk past 3 train stations, to stop by and visit Tourist Malaysia, to discover Zouk next to it and to eventually end our journey at the entrance of Petronas twin tower simply made the journey worthwhile.

I did snap a little consolation..


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