Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to Sin Sity

Came across this quick online test about our greatest 7 types of Sins from HPL's blog.

The quiz consist of simple questions with a variety of detailed answers to more accurately represent our true self, and not too lengthy. I spent a minute or two and the results is worth the time.

Quiz here, do check it out.

Here's my results;




Sloth:Very High



Pride:Very High

Just for the record,

Sloth: habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness
Gluttony: excessive eating and drinking

Wrath: vengeance or punishment as the consequence of anger

Okay. So I'm generally speaking,
1. Not so greedy a person
2. Am not such a big eater or regular food craving craver,
3. You don't want to find trouble with me in my state of mind,
4. I'm lazy and despite trying to beat the habit I guess it's just part of me. But I'm trying everyday to be a better person.
5. I envy the better things in others alot, like physique, partner, drive, pet, skills etc. Something which I always known and always am,
6. I'm not notorious for lust,
7. AND I take pride very,very seriously. Especially my own.

Conclusion- Scoring alot in terms of Sin qualities, I guess it's only normal for a human to naturally have a darker side. With that he might push and pursue for the better and that livelong task of balancing between being an Angel and returning to a Devil makes life worth living.

Oh, and I didn't score any LOW, something I'm not surprised of either.

P/s: this is NOT an April Fool joke lol

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