Friday, April 10, 2009

Death Doing us A Part


..and the result is Road accident
You will die in a Hit and Run accident on your way back home

This is true, and it's surely because of one of these two idiots-

Ivan and William

.. or even both. I'm sitting in their car almost everyday and that feeling of 'near ending' creeps me every time I watch them pull off a lucky maneuver on the road. It's insane, really.

I tried telling warning William but I doubt he took it seriously-

Jordan :
noob I'm gonna die in a car accident
must be either you or ivan's reckless driving

Willy Wonka 'William' :
noob driving u la
we r pro
drivers with safety

Jordan :
i am a pro co driver too
one day i might lose my mind and start molesting you both while driving

Willy Wonka 'William' :
tats y u r the main cause of it

Just a little more (a little more..) and mankind is doomed with people like me around.

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