Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Turn of a Generation

Introducing Texas-

Introducing Texas's Texas Jr's :

Sharonny feeling the wrath of the DOG x 1

. . .

Oh ya, FYI that's 6 puppies in total- 2 blackie, 2 whitey and 2 Texas Jr.

-The two blacks has no formal name, one with a white stripe across his forehead the other doesn't

-The two whitey, one is named Panda Dog( by keat and me, Pandamonium by my bro), the other's Teddy the gal.

And lastly the two Texas Jr, one has a straight tail whereby the other has a short tail.

Did you notice them?


BLue said...


Jordan said...

cute aren't they!

PreCiOuS LiTtLE mOmEnTS said...

so cute!! i want one!!! =[

JennyTay said...

cute nessss.... haha XD

Jordan said...

haha jenny come my house and play with them you are my freaking neighbour laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL

JennyTay said...

i just did!! lalalala.... i wan the pandadog and texas jr.. OMG!!! kiuuutttt~~~~